A poem by Ustad Daman, a Punjabi poet, recited in the 1950s at a gathering of Pakistani and Indian poets.

Bha’n-wain Moo-hoon Na Kahyae, Pur Wichoon Wichee
Khoo-aye Tusee Wi O, Khooaye us-ee Wi Aaa’n

Aya-naan Azaadian Huthoon Barbaad Hoona
Hoo-aye Tusee Wi O, Hoo-aye us-ee Wi Aaa’n

Ko-jh Ommeed Aye, Zind-agee Mil Ja-aye Gi
Moo-aye Tusee Wi O, Moo-aye us-ee Wi Aaa’n

Joondi Jan Aye, Mot Dai Moo-nh Undar
Dhoo-aye Tusee Wi O, Dhoo-aye us-ee Wi Aaa’n

Jaagan Waliaan Nay Ruj Kaye Lot-yaa Aye
Soo-aye Tusee Wi O, Soo-aye us-ee Wi Aaa’n
Lali Akhiaa’n Dee Pay-ee Dus-di Aye
Roo-aye Tusee Wi O, Roo-aye us-ee Wi Aaa’n.

We may not speak but deep in our hearts we know,
That you have lost, as we too have lost in this divide.
With this false freedom, towards destruction,
You ride, and so too do we ride.
There was some hope, there is life to be found
But you died, and so we too died.
While still alive, inside the jaws of death
You were hurled inside, as we were hurled inside.
Fully awake, they robbed us till they had their fill
You kept sleeping, leaving care aside, we too left care aside.
The redness of the eyes tells the tale.
That you have cried, and so we, too, have cried.


Dawar-e hashr! mujhe teri qasam
Umr bhar mein ne ibadat ki hay
Tu mera namaa-e-amal tau dekh
Mein ne insaan se mohabbat ki hay

O Lord of the Day of Judgment
I swear by you
I have worshipped all my life
Look at my book of deeds
I have loved mankind.

Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi